Location: Italy, Europe

Length:  10 km

Wide:  3 m

Surface: asphalt

Highest point: 1750 m

Operating times: April to November

Road No. SP123

The road to Passo Monte Zoncolan (Zoncolan Mountain Pass) is, certainly, a challenging ascend for your motorcycle or car and one of the toughest in professional road bicycle competitions. As a matter of fact, it has been used in the Giro d’Italia several times.

Passo Monte Zoncolan is a pass in Italy, in the Carnic Alpes in the Friuli region. It is located between the municipalities of Sutrio, Ovaro and Ravascletto. Not to mention that it is home to the major ski center of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Monte Zoncolan Pass is located at an elevation of 1750m above the sea level, reachable from Ovaro or Sutrio on Strada Provinciale 123 (SP123).



From Ovaro to Monte Zoncolan

The ascend to the Zoncolan Mountain Pass from Ovaro is not very long (less than 10 kilometers) and the asphalt was replaced in 2005.
But what makes it amazing is the gradient that can overcome in a mileage so limited.

The ascend to Monte Zoncolan has a height difference that, on many other roads in the world is exceeded normally in 20 or even more kilometers – it goes up to some very high values that in some places reach up to 22 %!



The road passes through three short tunnels.




Eventually, after less than 6 kilometers since the beginning, the difference decreases a lot.
From the top, there is a view that embraces almost all of Carnia region. You can easily recognize some peaks of the Dolomites and much of the northern part of the main Carnic chain with Monte Peralba (2,692 m), Mount Volaia (2,470 m), Coglians (2,780 m), etc.
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