Location: Isle of Barra, Scotland

Length:  21,4 km (13,3 miles)

Width: 5 m standard, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 7

Highest point: 100 m above the sea level

Operating times: open all year round

Route: from Northbay to Castlebay to Allasdale and back to Northbay

A888 Barra Road

A888 Barra Ring Road Description

Scotland might not be on the radar of drivers looking for interesting roads to drive, but the A888 road should definitely make it on the list. What makes this road a special one is the fact that it’s a circular road and the location is a beautiful one as well.

The Isle of Barra is the second southernmost inhabited island of the Outer Hebrides. It has around 60 square km, and the main village is Castlebay. It features white sandy beaches and numerous rocky inlets. So, you drive will also have many beautiful sights to see.

The A888 Barra Ring Road is the only classified road on this island. It forms a circular road around it. It also is one of the few classified roads that doesn’t intersect with another one.
You can start your trip from Northbay and head over towards Castlebay. After arriving in the most populated city of the island, you can head over to Allasdale and then come back to Northbay.

The only classified road in Barra Isle

Coastal Road A888

You can start from any city because the road will take you in the same spot where you left from. Travelling in a clockwise direction, starting from Castlebay, the A888 will take you through Horve, Nask, Vatersay, Tangasdale, Borve, Craigston, Allasdale, Cuier and Northbay. Here, the unclassified road will diverge with Bruenish, Balnabodach, Rhulio, Earsary, Brevig and Glen. Even though it may sound like the drive will be a long one, the A888 road only has 21 km. Even if it might not look like it, it will not take long to complete it.

This road will give you access to almost all parts of the island. The highest altitude here is of only 100 m above the sea level, one-kilometre north-east of Castlebay.
Even though the drive is a short one, it’s worth doing it. The landscape is beautiful. The shoreline has rocky bays and incredible white sand beaches.

The surface is asphalted and smooth so that the trip will be a pleasant one, without incidents. As an interesting fact to note, on the Castlebay town, there is a smaller medieval tower house, named Dun Mhic Leoid that might be worth a visit.

Overall, the A888 road is a unique route that passionate drivers should try and enjoy the beautiful views combined with the pleasure of driving.




Photos: http://www.dangerousroads.org, http://www.geograph.org.uk, http://steverabone.com,


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