Location: Romania, Europe

Length:  59 km

Time to arrive: 57 min

Wide: 5 m standard 2 lines

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5):  4 (January 2015), class B

Highest point: 650 m

Operating times: all year

Romanian national road no DN12 (European E578)

Route: From Bodoc, Covasna County to Miercurea Ciuc

Description of the road from Bodoc to Miercurea Ciuc

From Bodoc to Miercurea Ciuc, you will arrive in about one hour, if there is no traffic. You will have to take DC29 to DN12/E578 and follow it to Strada Lunca Mare in Miercurea Ciuc. The national road is connecting all the cities in the East region (Sfântu Gheorghe, Miercurea Ciuc, Gheorgheni, Toplița, Reghin) to the European Roads Network, completing the ring road of the center region.

The area is considered to be one of the most spectacular touristic places in the country. Starting from Bodoc village situated at a 505 m altitude, where archaeological researchers recently found the remains of the Ariusd civilizations together with ceramic fragments of Cucuteni culture- in any direction you chose to go, you’ll be able to see the amazing beauty of Transilvania, unique for its landscapes and healing springs.

One of the most rich area in mineral water springs and springs with therapeutic values, that you will encounter in your way, is Malnas Bai, situated on the banks of Olt River, between the Baraolt Mountains and the Bodoc Mountains, along the national road E to 575 (DN-12). You will feel in here, the temperature going down, with ranges between 7-8 degrees Celsius, because the resort enjoys a temperate continental climate with relatively humid air masses. Since 1865 the resort is famous and has many visitors.

Bodoc to Miercurea Ciuc

The road continues, through the Bixad depression, leaving in the western part of the village the northern group of Bodoc Mountains with heights of over 1200 m and the creek tip of Piliske on the south west. Surrounded by secular pinewoods, you can see along the way, through the car’s windshield, the high peaks of Baraolt Mountains.

You may also want to open the window to breathe the clean and rich air in here. Driving to the mountain valley it’s a real cool sensation, especially in the summer time when the average temperature is no more than 17.5 ° C. And with a nice car that interrupts the quiet tranquility of the valley with its roaring sounds echoing in the mountains, you would struggle to think of a better way to spend the day.

The route itself has a nice design, with some small corners and fantastic scenery. In contrast with the mountain passes this route is more designed for speed and the ability to really appreciate the performance of the car. From here, the road leads you to another fine resort, Tusnad Bai, an ideal place for holidays in any season, only 32 km south of Miercurea Ciuc.

Tusnad is a place that, a century ago, attracted Europe elite for its numerous springs, being called “The Pearl of Transylvania” or “Little Switzerland”, famous also for its healing gas and climate. Tusnad surroundings shelter the cleanest lake in the world and the only carnivorous plant in the country. In the winter time, you can enjoy the ski slope that is 500 m long and 40 m wide.

Bodoc to Miercurea Ciuc

The road continues on the western foothills of the Ciuc Mountains, along Olt Valley. Forest roads complete the driveway network; some of them build on former forest railroads and others following the rivers, advancing towards the mountain peaks.

From here, in less than 30 minutes, you will arrive in Miercurea Ciuc that is the administrative centre of Harghita County being situated on the left bank of the Olt River in the Ciuc Basin. Its main claim to fame these days is as the home of Ciuc, one of Romania’s most popular beers. In here, you can visit the Miko Fortress (built from 1623 to 1631 in neo-Renaissance style), The Roman Catholic Prish Curch (the oldest building of Miercurea Ciuc built in 1758 in Baroque style) or the Village Museum (the cottages and gates are representative pieces for the folk architecture of the Ciuc Basin).

Bodoc to Miercurea Ciuc

This spectacular road snakes around mountainsides, challenging drivers with hairpin bends and sheer drops, and scenery that will take your breath away. Visibility forward is good,  also the roads surface, so it’s a road that you really can “drive” and really puts a big smile on your face. The journey doesn’t take quite as long – but it remains an adventure nonetheless, promising endless skies and barren landscapes. How much more can you ask of a road?

During the winter, it can be temporary closed because of the snow so don’t forget your winter tires and be sure you have enough fuel, water and food supplies if you’ll visit the area.

Bodoc to Miercurea Ciuc

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