Location: Romania, Europe

Length:  86 km

Time to arrive: 1h 45 min

Wide: 5 m standard 2 lines

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5):  4

Highest point: 1270 m

Operating times: all year

Romanian national road no DN1A

Route: From Brasov – Sacele – Cheia – Valenii de Munte

Brasov to Valenii de Munte

Description of the road Brasov to Valenii de Munte

If you are coming from Brasov, you need to cross through Cheia Mountain Resort, driving on Teleajanului Valley, on the national road DN1A to reach Valenii de Munte. First you will encounter Sacele, a city located in the south-east of Brasov County, in the vicinity of Brasov (15 km away from Brasov City Center), also crossed by the road DN1A.

Sacele City is the gateway of Ciucas Mountains and Piatra Mare Massif. There are many trekking routes around (from easy to hard) and some pretty interesting natural highlights: the Ice Cave, The Written Stone, The Bear Crag, and the Canyon of the “Seven Ladders”, Tamina Waterfall, and the Summital Plateau of Piatra Mare Massif. From here, you will follow the scenic road, via Cheia.

The forest reveals itself with its spectacular colors, so different from one season to another. From the National road you can also see Maneciu Lake at the base of the Mountain Ciucas, since its spread on two hundred ha. The place looks like from another realm and the landscape is truly spectacular!

Shortly before the peak (1263m.) you will pass the village of Cheia. If interested to see also Schinda Waterfall, driving on DN 1A towards Cheia, you need to cross through Cheia Mountain Resort and take a left turn on the first dirt road. The dirt road goes on for 5, 5 km until it enters Stanii Valley, where it meets the Teleajen River at a road intersection.

Brasov to Valenii de Munte

Challenging road

This road should not pose problems for any type of car. You should follow the road going to the right which is parallel with the Teleajen River. You need to continue on this dirt road for about 8, 0 km until you arrive near a chalet on the right side of the road. Depending on the season you are in, patches of mud can form on the road which can cause problems for city cars not equipped with 4×4 traction.

Stop near the chalet because on the left, on the river, is Schinda Waterfall. You cannot see it from this angle, but you can surely hear it. So, continue on the road 50 m to see the waterfall. The return trip to DN 1A should be made using the same route you took to get here, because the road that continues after the chalet is ruined and cannot be traversed even with 4x4s.

Brasov to Valenii de Munte

From here to Valenii de Munte, the road is empty, flat with reasonable surface, quite a few nice corners and reasonable visibility. There is not much traffic, so driving slowly or stopping to make pictures and looking around is no problem either. There can be a few trucks which are not that easy to pass but general low volume of traffic makes this tolerable.

The road has a nice flow and a selection of tight medium speed bends that are great fun. Visibility forward is fantastic, roads surface is good, so it’s a road that you really can “drive” and really puts a big smile on your face. It is a road great for relaxing drives within the speed limit while enjoying the car and the scenery from the meandering ribbon of pavement beneath you.

So turn up the brightness on your monitor, don some shades and in a short time, you will arrive at the junction of Valenii de Munte (1A), a small charming mountain resort. You will discover in here a fairy tale landscape but also you’ll be able to learn real history lessons, after visiting the local museums.

Brasov to Valenii de Munte


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