Facts about Brezoi to Petrosani

Location: Romania, Europe

Length: 105 km

Surface: asphalt

Wide: 5 m standard 2 lanes

Operating times: all year

Romanian national road no DN 7A

Route: From Brezoi to Petrosani

Brezoi to Petrosani

 Description of the road Brezoi to Petrosani

The national road 7A starts from Brezoi (Valcea county) and ends in Petrosani (Hunedoara county). You will drive on the shores of the Bradisor and Vidra lakes, along the rocky walls, thru Voineasa resort. The river Lotru will escort you on the right side, till you reach the Voineasa resort.

This ride won’t be a great pleasure for the driver, because the road, while partially reconditioned, it also has old areas dating back to 1960, with potholes and landslides who affect one of the lanes. The worst area is between Voineasa and Obarsia Lotrului, especially near Vidra. On the other hand, due to the low speed, the driver can admire the great scenery of the place.

The road is mostly winding, with wide bends and only a few successions of tight bends. You will find some vantage points, where you can see the wonderful landscape from.

Brezoi to Petrosani

Tourist attractions on the road from Brezoi to Petrosani

Very close to Brezoi you will find Stan’s Valley, probably the most impressive canyon in Romania. The landscape include height bridges, waterfalls, pools of water and metal stairs for climbing. The route takes about 4 hours.

Further, the road takes you to Voineasa resort, once famous for its clean, ozone-rich air. Surrounded by fir, spruce and beech forests situated at 650 meters above the sea level, the resort is a treatment base. Unfortunately, it’s almost entirely abandoned.

Brezoi to Petrosani

The next important stop is Vidra Lake, the highest lake in Romania, situated at 1293 m altitude. The Vidra dam is located on the Lotru River, in Vidra gorge, 30 km north from the Voineasa resort. In 2012, the newest ski area in Romania, Transalpina Ski Resort, was opened near Vidra Lake.

Obarsia Lotrului is where Alba, Hunedoara and Valcea counties meet. It lies at the crossroads of national 67C Transalpina and 7A Petrosani – Brezoi roads, at an altitude of 1400 meters, in the middle of Parang, Skull, Lotrului and Sureanu Mountains. This place is truly amazing, with mountainsides covered in pine forests and rivers meandering through the rocks.

This road is not about speed, but about the beauty of nature. Take your time (the bad state of the road will provide it anyway) and admire the beautiful landscapes, with mountains, forests, lakes and a wide range of colors, depending on the season.

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