Location: Romania, Europe

Length:  36 km

The estimated time of arrival: 57 minutes

Wide: 5 m standard 2 lanes, only one lane (Teșila to Comarnic)

Surface: asphalt

Highest point: 985 m

Operating times: almost all year, except winter, when there is a lot of snow

Romanian national road No. DJ 102L, DJ 101S

Route: From Câmpina to Comarnic, thru Teșila

From Câmpina to Comarnic, thru Teșila

Description of the road from Câmpina to Comarnic, thru Teșila

From Câmpina, take the road 102I to Teșila. This drive features a mixture of sweeping curves and straights, with a great surprise almost at the end, near Teșila: Paltinu dam. Located in Prahova county, on the river Doftana, Paltinu dam was made in 1966 and put into service in 1971. The landscape is amazing and continues to be that way until the Doftana’s Valley. In springtime, fog can occur.

From Câmpina to Comarnic, thru Teșila

But the real beauty of this road starts from Teșila to Comarnic, thru Secăria, the DJ101S. Because it’s not very circulated, you can enjoy the landscape and the ride without any difficulties. It is not widely known, so you won’t see more than 10 cars.

The quality of the road is acceptable, with some potholes and sandy portions. Definitely you will want to ride and enjoy the surrounding beauty than to race with your friends. Sometimes will barely fit two cars on the road.

It’s a pleasure to drive thanks to the beautiful curves and switchbacks which are not difficult to drive. In the autumn, this part of the road, from Teșila to Comarnic looks amazing, thanks to the brown, red and yellow leaves.  You may also want to open the window to breathe the clean air in here and maybe to make a stop and talk with locals.

The road from Câmpina to Comarnic, thru Teșila is a way to discover new places and especially enjoying a road where you will be almost the only driver, with great landscapes and fresh air.

From Câmpina to Comarnic, thru Teșila

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