Location: Mallorca Island, Spain

Length: 6,1 km

Built: beginning of the 14th century

Width: 2 narrow lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 7

Operating times: throughout the year

via MA-1131

Route: from MA-10 to Port de Valldemossa

Carretera MA-1131

Carretera MA-1131 Description

The Carretera MA-1131 is known as one of the narrowest roads in the world, and it’s located on the Mallorca island. It also features a winding design, perfect for those that want to experience a thrilling ride in a unique place like the one offered by this Spanish island.

It’s located in Valldemossa, and it links this village and municipality to the port. It was built at the beginning of the 14th century, when Ramon Llull, a mystic and philosopher, lived in this area of Mallorca and the Port de Valldemossa.

This road is very narrow and high, so it has everything an avid driver would like to experience when in search for the thrill offered by a new route. It’s asphalted, and it’s only 6,1 km long, but it has plenty of curves and adrenaline pumping details every driver will enjoy. Also, it’s asphalted and, because of the narrow and curvy route, you can rarely speed over 30 km/h.

The Carretera MA-1131 road is also pretty steep. Over this distance, the elevation gain will be 365 m, and the average percentage 6,4%.


Hairpins and sheer drops

As mentioned before, the journey will be an adrenaline pumping one due to the nine hairpin turns, combined with the high elevation, the sheer drops and the narrowness of the road. There are sections where two cars won’t fit in at the same time. So, you definitely have to reverse. The road taking you to Port de Valldemossa has many sharp corners and can be a real challenge. Nonetheless, the pleasure of driving this road is amplified by all these features. The Carretera MA-1131 is a spectacular mountain road that clings to the cliffs all the way. You will see beautiful sights of the cliffs and the sea.

Since we’re talking about the landscape in the area, note that there also is a hidden beach in the area, mostly known by locals. If you want to avoid the crowds, you can come here and relax after a challenging drive.

The Carretera MA-1131 has a winding design and takes you along the Tramuntana Sierra and the Mediterranean Sea before finally reaching the small fishing port of Valldemossa. It’s exciting to drive, and it sometimes can be exposed and unsecured. It features many twists and turns, but it’s worth the drive. Although it can be a challenge, this is what makes it a must-drive for those that enjoy this kind of roads.

Carretera MA-1131


Photos: http://www.dangerousroads.org, https://www.michaela-brennahl.de,


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