Location: Province of Vorarlberg, Austria

Length: 17.9 km

Built: 1895 – 1897

Wide: 5 m standard, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5): 4 – 5

Highest point: 1773 m

Operating times: throughout the year

Lechtal Straße B 198

Route: Gemeinde Warth – Stuben



Flexenpass is a charming mountain pass with an altitude of 1.773 m located in the province of Vorarlberg, the westernmost Austrian state. The road to the pass (German: Flexenstraße) connects the cities located in the upper Lech River valley following a North to South direction through the Austrian Alps.

An important fact to mention about the Flexenpass is that it was used since prehistoric times, a fact proven by the discovery of an ax dating from the Bronze Age during the construction of the road, towards the town of Zürs. Also, in the late Middle Ages the pass gained significant importance when a mule path was created linking the towns of Stuben and Zürs.

The first stretch of the modern-day Flexenpass road was opened in 1897, was only 3 meters wide and it was shielded from avalanches by protective covers. Eventually a tunnel and a spectacular bridge were built.


Since the year 1936 the Flexenstraße has been regularly cleared by snow, meaning it’s open all year round for drivers and motorbike fans that can enjoy the amazing views found along the way.

Starting from Warth, the second smallest village in Vorarlberg with only 155 inhabitants but in the same time an important winter sport resort connected to the famous Arlberg ski area, the drive is 17.9 km long.

The road consists of following the Lech river uphill and through a woody region until, after driving a distance of 6 km you will reach the small village of Lech. Here you can take a walk of around 45 minute up to the picturesque Körbersee Lake. Its crystal clear waters are said to have an excellent quality and are safe to drink. Near the lake you will also find some snack shops, where you can you can take a break, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery.

From Lech, the  narrow, twisty road starts gaining altitude and becomes much wider. After a couple of smooth curves you will pass through the ski resort village of Zürs and immediately after, you will have reached the Flexenpass summit. The road then disappears in a very old but impressive tunnel with ceilings made out of oak wood. The traffic through the tunnel is single-lane and managed by a traffic light system. The average waiting time is 15 minutes.

From the Flexenpass highest point, the road continues and after 9 amazing hairpin turns, you will reach the winter sport resort of Stuben am Arlberg, the final destination of this amazing Austrian mountain road.


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Photos: wikimedia.org, imageshack.us, pbase.com, twimg.com, pinimg.com


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