Location: Romania, Europe

Length: 39 km

Time:  45 min

Highest point: 600 m

Operating times: all year, temporary closed for rehabilitation

Surface: asphalt

Romanian county road no DN 66/ E79

Route: From Bumbesti to Petrosani

Bumbesti to Petrosani

Description of the road from Bumbesti to Petrosani

The Bumbesti-Jiu Town is among the settlements with special natural resources, which determined a diverse and complex economic activity, having water supply, gases, electrical power, telephony, and internet, asphalted county and communal roads. To Reach Petrosani from here, you will have to take E 79, section of the national road No. 66. A 33 km long road is connecting the towns of Bumbesti Jiu and Petrosani together.

The current road, which crosses the Jiu Valley, was built by stonemasons craftsmen in the 1880s brought in from Italy but paved only after the 50s. In February 2012 the National Company for Motorways and National Roads in Romania (CNADNR) decided the rehabilitation of the existing road carriageway and retaining walls with some shoulder widening where necessary and structural works for new and existing bridges, culverts and retaining walls.

Last year there were still restriction periods due to the rehabilitation. Another thing that you should have in mind is that you should pay attention to radars in this area considering that in Bumbesti Jiu there’s a speed limit of 40 km/h.

Bumbesti to Petrosani

Nevertheless, along this road you can access Defileul Jiului National Park that lies along the whole length of the national road DN66, between Bumbesti Jiu and Petrosani. The park is 85% covered by forests which leave bare only the mountain slopes and the meadows of two peaks. River Jiu crosses the entire length of the park’s 33 km and it’s a great companion for the road. The Jiu defile is one of the wildest crossings by a river of the Southern Carpathians, having virgin and being a protected area of national interest. The Canyon section is considered to be one of the most spectacular rafting rivers in Romania.

It offers challenging white water rafting in a narrow gorge with tight curves, huge rocks and cliffs that tower more than 30 meters overhead in spots. The landscape, on the other hand is quite impressive and driving near the Jiu River, on a road that slightly descends following the river’s course forming those spectacular gorges it’s a pretty cool sensation.

The road is as much part of the experience and attraction of as its fascinating landscapes and abundant wildlife. So if you want to get close to nature and take the route where time is not of the essence, this road will reward you for your sense of adventure. It is also great way to see one of Romania’s beautiful defiles and is famous for colorful foliage in the fall months. But most of all, it elicits a thrill. It inspires you to hit the road, offering some of the sweetest curves, no driveways or intersections interrupt this forest-lined thoroughfare.

Pretty close to Bumbesti, you can visit the Lainici Monastery, one of the best cenobite communities from Romania. The old church has glamorous wall paintings and dates back to XVII century. So if you want to fill yourself with the divine grace or turn to the divinity, this is the place to do it, full of faith, quiet and spiritual peace.

Bumbesti to Petrosani

Driving one kilometer more from here you will we run into an imposing cross. It’s here that the outstanding general Ion Dragalina was deadly wounded in the First World War. After 45 min of breathtaking routh, you will reach Petrosani, a metropolitan city in Hunedoara County, the main city in the Jiu Valley.

The National Black Coal Company has its headquarters here, with several departments for mining exploitations. The region is connected to Oltenia region through the Livezeni-Bumbesti road. During the works for the railway of the Petrosani train station, in August 1869, a coins treasury was found with coins which were copies of the Macedonian coins issued by Phillip II, along some archaeological traces from the iron era.

Beside this, there are some nice places you can visit around Petrosani, like the The Boli Cave, a small limestone cave carved by a brook, 8 km before entering the city, on the left side of the road or The Parang Mountains that you can reach with the gondola, at 1600 m hight. Enjoy the ride!

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