Location: Romania, Europe

Length: 156 km

Time to arrive: 2 h 30 min

Surface: asphalt

Highest point: 350 m

Romanian national road no DN7, E68

Route: From Deva to Arad

Deva to Arad

Description of the road from Deva to Arad

Deva is a large town in west – central Romania, set on the left bank of Mures River, not far from Romania’s main coal and mineral mining area. The name Deva may have been given to the area by the leaders of the Roman Legion Augusta II who – in early 100s AD – has been transferred from Castrum Deva (Castra Devana) in Britania (today the city of Chester in England) to the newly conquered territory of Dacia / Transylvania.

Deva is also nicknamed: “Capital of Romania’s Gymnastics” because since 1978, the country’s best gymnasts – including Olympic, World and European champions Nadia Comaneci, Ecaterina Szabo, Lavinia Agache, Daniela Milosevici, Maria Olaru and Catalina Ponor – have trained and got their education at Deva National Gymnastics Center.

From here to Arad, you have to drive on The European route E68, a West-East intermediate in the E-road network running through Hungary and Romania. There are no big towns between the two cities and in a way this will be almost like driving across the loneliest parts of the North American plains. There are little towns, although they are far apart in some sections and lots of big trucks heading for Bucharest or Bulgaria.

Mostly the road is along the railroad tracks and/or the Mures river valley. It is a broad, gentle valley, so it is not really hilly, but the hills are increasing as you continue the road. You will start from a smoggy Deva, driving in heavy traffic but it gets less smoggy as you go away from the city. The part between Arad and Deva is an old type road (mostly one lane per way, usually passes directly through villages and cities), it’s in good condition, but it can get very crowded.

Deva to Arad

From Deva to Arad, smooth rhythm from beginning to end

The traffic remains heavy and driving can be stressful. Portions of the road aren’t fully developed, which can occasionally render the drive slow going. The advantage of the road is that it is much the same smooth rhythm from beginning to end, so you can appreciate any part of the road without needing to confine yourself to one specific part. The smoothness of this route makes it a fantastic driving experience for anyone, which along with the scenery makes for a real nice driving experience.

Nevertheless, after about 2 hours and a half on the National Road 7, you will arrive in Arad, the most important trans-European road and rail transportation junction point in western Romania, included in the 4th Pan-European Corridor linking Western Europe to South-Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries.

Deva to Arad

Situated in the western Romania on the banks of the river Mures, Arad is only 30 km away from the Hungarian border. Before 1918 the city belonged to Austria-Hungary, which left a mark on its architecture and life style. Arad’s city hall is a beautiful building which has to its right and left another two old palaces dating 2 centuries back. The “Cenad Palace” is one of the buildings old enough to justify the beauty of architectural times it was built in. Don’t lose the opportunity to visit it.



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