Location: France

Length: 11,9 km

Width: 2 lanes and one lane on some sections

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 7

Highest point: 700 m

Operating times: throughout the year

Via D117

Route: from Quillan to Axat

Gorges del'Aude

Gorges de l’Aude Road Description

The Gorges de l’Aude is a road located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, in France. It can be accessed through the south of Quillan, a small and pleasant town. What’s special about this road is passing through the dramatic gorges that make this a great, enjoyable ride.

You can start the drive from Quillan to Axat and pass through the deep gorge at Pierre-Lys. You will see cliffs on each side of the road, stretching to 700 m in height. It’s a diversified route that features vast stretches combined with narrow ones. You must drive it carefully since cars are coming from the other direction. Also, there are some sections where the road runs as a single track road.


The deepest, as well as the narrowest stretch, is the one at the eighteen kilometres between Axat and Usson. It’s thrilling to drive it since the road is tight and you’ll have to hope no other vehicle is coming from the other direction. Moreover, the road includes some steep stretches, with no marked central lines. There are no protections or guardrails on some stretches, adding more thrill and an adrenaline rush when you drive in this area.

The surface of the Gorges de l’Aude road is asphalted, but not in a very good condition. It’s challenging and dangerous to drive and admire the scenery, at the same time. If you want to take a better look at the gorge landscape, it’s recommended to stop.

The Gorges de l’Aude is one of the most famous balconies road in France. It has a lane cut into the sides of the rocks. Driving on this route, you will reach a 700 m altitude, making the experience even more spectacular. If you drive here at sunset, the red shades of the rocks will become even more vibrant and the landscape a stunning one.

This area offers one of the most amazing drives in France. You will enjoy sliding on the road that cuts through the cliffs. The twists and blind turns make the experience an entertaining one, and you will surely have an adrenaline rush on this route.
France has many fantastic roads to drive, and this one is certainly one of them, so don’t miss it.


Gorges del'Aude

Photos: http://chateauview.com, http://www.pbase.com, http://www.dangerousroads.org, http://www.ducatidesmo.net, http://www.france-voyage.com



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