Location: South Tyrol Province, Italy, Europe

Length: 38 km

Built: 1912

Wide: 5 m standard, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5): 4

Highest point: 2094 m

Operating times: open throughout the year and sometimes in winter, but only during the day

SS44 Strada Statale 44 del Passo di Giovo

Route:  St. Leonhard in Passeier – Vipiteno



Passo di Monte Giovo, also known as “Jaufenpass” (German), is a beautiful mountain pass with a high point of 2.094 m, found in the heart of Italy’s famous South Tyrol Province. It’s the most northerly pass in Italy and provides spectacular views of the Alps and down into the surrounding valleys: the Eisacktal in the east and the Passeiertal Valley in the west.

The road leading to the pass, “Strada Statale 44 del Passo di Giovo”, was built in 1912 and is very popular among motorcyclists and car enthusiasts because it provides a thrilling ride, it’s not to busy and also includes numerous serpentine bends through thick woods and alongside picturesque mountain pastures, especially in the upper area.

Another important fact to mention about the Monte Giovo Pass is that it’s open sometimes during winter, if the snow and weather conditions permit, but only during the day.

Starting at an altitude of 689 m from St. Leonhard in Passeier, a small town located about 35 km north of Bolzano, you’ll encounter along the way to Vipiteno no less than 20 spectacular hairpin bends, over a total distance of 38 km. The elevation gain on this stretch of the road is 1.405 m, with an average percentage grade of 7.1%.


This beautiful road swings up the mountain in wide curves for almost 20 km, passing remote, scattered villages, through green forests and lush alpine pastures. Once the Jaufenpass is reached, the view over the surrounding valleys and steep mountain slopes is truly breathtaking. Here you will find a small souvenir store and a guesthouse, the “Rifugio Passo del Giovo”, open to travelers all year round.

Starting from the village of Vipiteno in the east, the drive to the pass is 15 km long with an average grade of 7.5%. From this side, the road is very narrow, with lots of curves and as thrilling as one could expect from a great mountain road in the Italian Alps.


Furthermore, as soon as winter arrives, the area surrounding Passo di Monte Giovo turns into a paradise for ski lovers and other winter sports. Found here is the famous ski resort of Racines-Giovo, offering no less than 35 km of ski slopes for beginners and specialists alike, modern facilities and fascinating descents.


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Photos: miejsca.moto-opinie.info, wikimedia.org, sentres.com, staticflickr.com, deviantart.net, haller.it, skiforum.it, cloudfront.net


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