Location: Province of Belluno, Italy

Length: 14.7 km

Wide: 5 m standard, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5): 4

Highest point: 2.057 m

Operating times: throughout the year

SS 641 Strada Statale 641 del Passo di Fedaia

Route: Caprile – Passo Fedaia



Passo Fedaia is a high mountain pass located in the Dolomites Mountains of northern Italy at the base of the Marmolada Glacier, between the provinces of Trento and Belluno. The step is well known for its use in the Giro d’Italia and for being a great starting point for the numerous ski resorts found here.

The Marmolada mountain, with a high point of 3.343 m, is the highest mountain in the Dolomites. Here we can find the famous Marmolada Glacier, the only glacier in the Dolomites section of the Alps, where skiing is practiced even during summer in the favorable years.


Most noteworthy, during World War I, the front line between Austria and Italy ran over the Marmolada. Austrian soldiers built quarters and tunnels in the glacier, forming a veritable “ice city” of considerable size. However, like all glaciers in the Alps, the Marmolada Glacier has very recently withdrawn. Within a century, it has more than halved its size and today measures only 190 hectares, compared with 450 hectares in 1910.

The road to the pass is called Strada Statale 641 del Passo di Fedaia (SS 641), is in great condition and it’s wide enough to allow the passage of two cars simultaneously. In addition, in case of appropriate whether conditions you can find it open during winter time.

This amazing drive starts from the small town of Caprile at an altitude of 559 m, has a length of 14.7 km with an average grade of 7.6 % and a maximum of 18% on some areas. Here you can also find the junction for the nearby Falzarego and Giau mountain passes.


After driving just a few kilometers, you will reach the village of Saviner di Laste where this serpentine road welcomes you with a 10% gradient, lots of dangerous curves and amazing views over the surrounding mountains.

As soon as you’ll reach Passo Fedaia at the altitude of 2.057 m, you will be dazzled by the natural beauty of the place and by the multitude of tourist attractions. Here you can find the Great World War Museum, dedicated to the soldiers who fought and faced harsh conditions in these mountains and the impressive Fedaia artificial lake, used for the production of hydroelectricity.


Finally, for those wishing to spend the night or maybe just have lunch or a cup of coffee, they can choose the Fedaia Refuge. Built in 1967 and recently renovated, it offers classic-style accommodation in rooms with a mountain-view balcony and a restaurant specialized in regional cuisine.


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