Location: Montenegro

Length: 84.1 km

Width: 5 m, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 7

Highest point: 220 m

Operating times:

via E762

Route: from Niksic to Granični Prijelaz Šćepan Polje

Piva Canyon Road

Piva Canyon Description

Piva Canyon Road offers drivers an adrenaline-pumping journey, as well as a very scenic drive. It’s located in the southwest of Montenegro, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and it’s part of the European route E762.

The route cuts between the mountains of Bioč, Volujak, Maglić and Pivska Planina. The Maglic are Bosnia’s highest mountains (7828ft) and the road stops in their shadow. Along with its way, the road meets the Piva River and follows it until they both reach the border of Šćepan Polje. The river was interrupted in 1975 when the 220m-high hydroelectric Mratinje Dam (Brana Mratinje) was built here. There is also the Piva Lake in the area, showcasing a turquoise water and depths of more than 180 m.

The Piva Canyon road is asphalted and has a winding design. It’s very curvy and fun, encompassing miles of beautiful scenery.
Driving on this road is exciting as it features many curves, twisty hairpin corner, steep grades and high elevations. You will also drive through many rocky tunnels that are built into the rock of the canyon. As you can see, the road is an engineering masterpiece as it was built taking into account the natural features of the landscape. It clings to the cliffs and passes through no less than 65 small tunnels that were carved out of the stone.


The canyon is 33 km long, and its depth reaches up to 1,200 m. The route from Žabljak is narrower and joins this road near Plužine. As you head north, the drive becomes more dramatic as the walls of the canyon become steeper.
Overall, this Piva Canyon road offers adrenaline seekers a thrilling ride combined with many stunning views of the mountains and the Piva Lake and River. Also, the sighting of the Mratinje Dam (Brana Mratinje) hydroelectric makes the journey more enjoyable.




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