Location: Romania, Europe

Length: 43 km

Time:  50 min

Operating times: all year, temporary closed in wintertime

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality 3 out of 5

Romanian county road no DN 15

Route: From Poiana Largului to Bicaz.

Description of the road Poiana Largului to Bicaz

The village of Poiana Largului is located at the north end of Lake Bicaz, at the junction of several national roads (DN 15, DN 15B, DN17B), the link between the two towns being the DN 15 road. The road from Poiana Largului to Bicaz is very scenic drive but more uneven than the one from Bicaz to Piatra Neamt. It has at least three places with major landslides (two in Buhalnita and one in Grozavesti) that can narrow it to a single lane, so expect to stop many times on the way. It is not the best road to choose when driving during the night, although there are not too many deep pits and also there is no traffic.Poiana Largului to Bicaz

The scenery and the number of turns force you to drive with a low speed anyway (not more than 60km/h) so you can bypass any obstacles in time. Surrounding peaks are tall, but not so aggressive. It’s a green and beautiful valley with a fair number of places to stop and admire the views. It will take you around 50 minutes to arrive to Bicaz from here. The first part of the drive you’ll encounter many villages. Residents in the area are mostly farmers. There are many spots to stop where you can see the views because this area is known for its rivers and lake.

Poiana Largului to Bicaz

Dam of Bicaz, the largest man-made gravity dam on rivers in Romania

The lake goes till Bicaz where they build a dam. The Dam of Bicaz is the largest man -made gravity dam on rivers in Romania, offering wonderful views. You will have to get through over the dam, because there is a guard that watches every vehicles passing through and doesn’t allow you to stop. Near the dam, there is a port arranged where tourists can rent boats and hydro-bike or take mini-cruise boat on the lake. In the area you will discover Biological Research Station Potoci – Bicaz, the only place in Moldavia where you can go diving. Tourists are able to accommodate right on Bicaz Lake or harbor where there are many hostels and motels, and the only floating hotel-restaurant on mountain lakes in the country.

Poiana Largului to Bicaz

Bicaz Gorge has 8 km length and its winding road and wild beauty attracted many tourists every year. The beauty of the lake and of the mountain combined with the alpine climate creates a place of major touristic attraction. The best time of day to drive in this area is at sunset, when the rocks become an event deeper shade of red, casting sharp, jagged shadows over the landscape. The road is allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the lake and of course, the incredible sunrises or sunsets depending on when you’re driving.The only minus to this road is that it can get busy – therefore, rise early to enjoy at its best! – In particular many roads pass through small village after village (with little to see at each) giving you little time to get into a good driving rhythm.

Poiana Largului to Bicaz

 After you pass the Bicaz Dam, in about 4 Km you will reach Bicaz, a tourist’s center positioned in a picturesque area, situated 26 km of Piatra Neamt. This small town, placed at the foot of the Ceahlau Mountain at 432 m altitude and surrounded by hills covered with thick forests, developed mainly after the construction of the Izvorul Muntelui hydro-electric power station. It can also be called “Bicaz port town”, due to its placement on the banks of the Izvorul Muntelui Lake, also known as “the sea of Bicaz”. The town has a museum, which presents the history of Bicaz and other settlements from the middle course of Bistrita River.

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