Location: Romania, Europe

Length: 16 km

Time to arrive: 20 min

Surface: mountain road, asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5): 4

Highest point: 1200 m

Romanian national road no DN1/E60

Route: From Predeal to Timisul de Jos, Brasov County

Predeal to Timisul de Jos

Description of the road from Predeal to Timisul de Jos

Timisul de Jos is very easy to reach, from Predeal, continue on DN1 road towards Brasov, after 20 minutes you will arrive at your destination. Therefore, between Predeal and Timisul de Jos, Valea Timisului is crossed by the National Road 1 – E 60, on a distance of 16 km.

Predeal resorts, considered the pearl of the Romanian tourism, is a spectacular location, with attractive climate, no pollution and many attractions for tourists. Between the two cities, you will pass through Timisul de Sus, located in Timis Depression, the start point for tracks from Postravarul and Piatra Mare.

Predeal to Timisul de Jos

You can visit in here, Tamina Waterfall, gorges and other five waterfalls in calcareous rocks, on the valley of Piatra Mica. The landscape is wonderful, and the road is pretty good, with nice corners of various speeds and quite decent road surface quality for several Kilometers. After that, it becomes a very nice scenic road with low traffic and lots of nice curves, perfect for a relaxing ride.

Maybe is not the best place for speedy driving thanks to a low  speed limit and an abundance of natural wildlife, but you couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a day behind the wheel. A great road challenge every day notions, replacing the familiar–the dull grind of everyday commuting–with the epic: turns, terrain and landscape that adjust our perception of the world.

Predeal to Timisul de Jos, a road to admire the beauty of the nature

In here, the clean air, rich in ozone is reviving the weakened body and is helpful for physical stress. You will have to continue the route on the way to Brasov, until you reach Timisul de Jos. Three kilometers before the entrance to Brasov, you can find the chalet from Dambul Morii. From here, on the right, there is the Seven Stairs Canyon, a 160 m gorges sculpted in limestone by brook Sipoaia, including seven waterfalls, the highest being of 35 m. It is named 7 Ladders because there are 7 different ladders climbing up the canyon; the road to the top is a ¾ hours one and it is recommended for you to be prepared for sudden weather changes.

Predeal to Timisul de Jos

The road is full of beautiful glades and natural views, and the water falling has a special charm. Also, inside the Postavaru Massif there are canyons like the Ranov Canyons, renowned for climbing, bungee-jumping, flying fox and ‘via ferrata’. It can be reached both from Predeal and from Timisul de Sus, on paths that won’t take longer than two hours. In a few km, you will enter Timisu de Jos.

The only thing is that Timisu de Jos is not so well sign posted so if you may need satellite navigation to lead you straight to it. The area is famous as having the cleanest air in Romania. From here tourists can start some very beautiful tourist routes such as the route of a unique beauty like the 7 Stairs that we mentioned and the top of the Bunloc massif, a place loved by professionals of paragliding and hang glider.

The clean air and great natural scenery enchants tourists who choose to spend an unforgettable holiday in the resort of Timisul de Jos. Also, if you are in the search for maximum driving pleasure and empty roads we recommend getting here early morning, even as early as 5 or 6 when it opens and you can avoid the busy tourist traffic.

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