Location: Italy, Europe

Length:  21,5 km

Wide:  4 m 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Highest point: 1852 m

Operating times: summer

Road No. SP81

The road to Passo del Mortirolo – a beautiful road to drive – is one that winds through the woods in close “contact” with nature. It starts from Mazzo from Valtellina side in Italy.
Passo del Mortirolo – also called Passo della Foppa – has an altitude of 1852 m and it connects the provinces of Sondrio and Brescia only during the summer season.
In 1990, this mountain road, characterized by prohibitive hills, has been inserted in the path of the Tour of Italy.
In 1994 the road became a famous and popular destination for passionate drivers.


Once you get to drive on this road, you will see that at the 11th hairpin there is a monument dedicated to a great Italian cycling champion named Marco Pantani. The monument remembers him on the ground that he prefers: the great climbs of the Tour of Italy.



Once you decide to go up to Passo del Mortirolo, the alternatives to reach the pitch are really varied: from Valtellina side – from Bunch, from Tovo or Grosio – as well as the Brescia side, departing from Monno.

From Mazzo to Passo del Mortirolo

The ascend to Mortirolo from Mazzo on this beautiful road to drive is a classic one. It includes the departure from Mazzo in Valtellina (552 m) and a salt for 12.5 km with extreme turns.



The departure for one of the most demanding road in Europe is challenging and you will face the first bends with the hill that continues with difficult ascends. The first 5.5 km are the most challenging for your car or motorbike with differences that reach up to 18%. The last kilometers are more regular.
Also on the Valtellina side, there are two other ascends towards Passo del Mortirolo: from Grosio the hills are gentler and the road is more scenic.

From Monno to Passo del Mortirolo

From Brescia side, the ascent to the Mortirolo Pass starts from Monno, near Edolo (1066 m) and goes up gently for 11.5 km.

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