Location: Tremosine, Province of Brescia, Italy

Length: 10 km

Built: 1913

Wide: very narrow, only 1 lane available 

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5): 4

Highest point: 673 m

Operating times: throughout the year

SP38 (Strada Provinciale 38) Strada della Forra 

Route: Limone sul Garda – Tremosine



Strada della Forra is a legendary and dangerous road located in the province of Brescia, Italy, on the western shore of Lake Garda. Also known as “The Road of the Gorges”, it was built in 1913 at the initiative of Father Giacomo Zanini, a local priest who saw the need of a road to link the isolated communities in the area.

As soon as the construction works were finished, Strada della Forra was immediately named by the press at that time as “the most beautiful road in the world”, whereas a visiting Winston Churchill went so far and called it “the eighth wonder of the world”.

This famous winding road can be reached starting from the small town of Limone sul Garda, on the provincial road SP38, following the directions to the town of Tremosine. It is accessible all year round and provides to travelers the most amazing and picturesque landscapes the mind can imagine: deep ravines and gorges, dark tunnels, ancient hamlets and steep slopes. Furthermore, in recent years it has become a very sought-after location for car commercials and movie shoots due to its breathtaking views and lush scenery.


Strada della Forra is not for the faint of heart since this road is considered to be one of the most dangerous found in the world today. Driving on the verge of deep ravines, carved straight into the side of the mountain by the river Brasa and with lots of sharp turns and twists found along the way, this road will surely provide a thrilling experience for anyone.

This mountain road is a very narrow one, not wide enough for two cars to pass each other. The asphalt is in good condition although the many streams found in the area can make it wet and slippery on some parts and, as a result, it should be approached with caution.


Once you reach Tremosine, you will discover a charming village surrounded by majestic mountains, offering amazing views over the fields and lake below. Straight on the verge of a ravine, at the end of the road, you will also find a small but very popular restaurant which serves to its customers the well known dishes of the area: “Spongadi”, a kind of pastry and “Polenta cusa”, cornmeal mush with local cheese.

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Photos: hd-verona.it, infotremosine.it, i.ytimg.com, mototurismodoc.com, duepertrefacinque.it, flickr.com


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