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Carretera MA-1131- The Narrowest Road in Mallorca

Facts Location: Mallorca Island, Spain Length: 6,1 km Built: beginning of the 14th century Width: 2 narrow lanes Surface: asphalt Surface quality (out of 10): 7 Operating times: throughout the year via MA-1131 Route: from MA-10 to Port de Valldemossa Carretera MA-1131 Description The Carretera MA-1131 is known as one of the narrowest roads in the world, …

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Passo delle Erbe – a very narrow and steep road

Facts Location: Italy, Europe Length:  53 km Wide:  3 m Surface: asphalt Highest point: 1987 Operating times:  closed in winter Road No. SP29 Passo delle Erbe is a very narrow and steep road that connects Val Badia with the Isarco valley, located in northern Italy at an elevation of 1987m. In German, it is called Würzjoch. The road named …