Facts about Toplita to Piatra Neamt, along Bicaz Lake

Location: Romania, Europe

Length: aprox 140 km

Wide: 5-7 m standard 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Operating times: all year

Romanian national road no 15

Route: From Toplita (Harghita) to Piatra Neamt (Neamt), around Bicaz Lake

Toplita to Piatra Neamt, along Bicaz Lake

Description of the road from Toplita to Piatra Neamt, along Bicaz Lake

A road thru mountain is definitely something spectacular, with a lot of serpentine and beautiful forests. This kind of road is from Toplita to Piatra Neamt, which crosses the Carpatian Mountains. 140 kilometers of sweet curves, but also with hairpin bends and portions of open road.

Your journey starts from Toplita (Harghita county) to Borsec, famous for its healing waters, located between the Mountains of Giurgeu and Bistrita. Here, you can visit the Ice Cave and the Bears Grotto. Located in Piatra Mare Massif, in the Chiba Mountain area, the Ice Cave is the land where winter never ends and down towards the Bears Cave there is an opening between two mountain walls, dug during decades by water and wind. Near Borsec, there is the Fairy Glade, who is a complex mineral springs arranged as outdoor pools. This is a place with vantage points, picnic and sunbath areas.

Toplita to Piatra Neamt, along Bicaz Lake

This part of the road is great for drivers because it’s a pleasure to drive those 30 kilometers with challenging curves. On the road, pay attention to children, carts and animals.

From Borsec to Capu Corbului, the stream Vinul will escort you until Capu Corbului, where Bistricioara river will become your road friend, standing on your left or on your right, until it flows into Bicaz Lake.

The curvy road continues on the viaduct Poiana Largului and follows Mountain Spring Lake shore for about 50 kilometers.

Toplita to Piatra Neamt, along Bicaz Lake

Bicaz-Stejaru Hydro Power Plant is a hydropower development on the Bistrita River, near Bicaz. The project was started and finished in the 1950s. It consists of a dam, a reservoir and a hydro power plant. The dam is a reinforced concrete structure with a height of 127 m. It forms and holds Bicaz Lake reservoir, also known as Mountain Spring Lake (“Lacul Izvorul Muntelui”). The reservoir is the largest artificial lake in Romania; it manages river levels downstream, provides fishing, attracts tourism, fuels the power plant, and controls flooding.

Further, you will follow Bistrita River, which forms, in his way to Piatra Neamt, three lakes. In the area you will find Bistrita Monastery.

From Toplita to Piatra Neamt you have 2 hours and 30 minutes of driving, which means 140 kilometers. The quality of the road is acceptable, with some pothole, but the beautiful view will make this road a great experience.

Toplita to Piatra Neamt, along Bicaz Lake

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