Attention: Going from south to north, the last 50 km will provide many area of “under construction”. On the top you will barely find markings or road safety railing.

Location: Romania, Europe

Length: aprox 100 km

Built: 1930 – 1935 – rebuilt 2009 – still Under Construction

Wide: 5-7 m standard 2 lines

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5):on areas 4, on most areas 5, on few areas 2- under construction

Highest point: 2145 m

Operating times: May – early November

Romanian national road no 67C

Route: From Novaci (close to Targu Jiu) to Sibiu, thru Ranca resort.

Previously built by the Romans, Transalpina was paved under King Carol II and rebuilt during World War II by German troops and it is called The King’s Road by the locals.

Most picturesque and highest elevation parts of the road are the first 50km going from south to north, from Novaci to Obarsia Lotrului. Here you will drive above the clouds for more than 20 km. With lots of places with natural local food and good places to sleep, Ranca is a very good over night stop. Close to Novaci there are also few caves, the best known is Pestera Muierii in Baia de Fier village. (Woman’s Cave – locals tell that during times of war, women used to shelter there).

The north part, from Obarsia Lotrului to Sebes(Sibiu) the road quickly reminds you of “Need for Speed” game, as for 50 km you will drive thru deep forests, very low traffic and some timber trucks. The beauty of the road will make you forget that there are still works underway in a few points and the asphalt is damaged in small areas.

Driving further towards Poiana Sibiului you will find many Romanian villages with lots of traditions and beautiful old houses.

A stop overnight in Sibiu is mandatory.

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