Location: Suceava, Romania, Europe

Length: 28 km

Built: 1978. Rehabilitated: 2009 – 2014

Wide: 5 m standard 2 lanes. Between Rarau Chalet and Chiril – only one lane.

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 5):

Highest point: 1400 m

Operating times: May – October, November

Romanian national road DJ175A (Pojorata – Rarau Chalet) and DJ175B (Rarau Chalet – Chiril)

Route: Pojorâta – Rarau Chalet  – Chiril


Do you want to drive on a road that will really cut your breath? Then choose Transrarau, the most spectacular 28 kilometers of mountain road from Romania.

Since 1989, Transrarau has been crossed only by SUVs, but it was inaugurated in 2014, after it was rehabilitated. It is the most beautiful road in Romania, after Transalpina and Transfagarasan. With 28 kilometers long route linking the Bistrita Valley of Moldova, Transrarau is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bucovina. It is also called „The Road of Treasures” because this area is rich in natural resources which are a veritable treasure for Romanians citizens.

Transrarau road connects the village Pojorata (wich is also called DJ175A) and the village Chiril (DJ175B) crossing Rarau mountains. The road reaches up to an altitude of 1400 meters and facilitate access to Rarau Chalet and famous nature monuments called „Lady Rocks”.

The road segment between Chiril and Rarau has a special regime of movement. The road is marked with traffic signs for speed regime limited to 30 km/h. The 10 kilometers are difficult, so it’s forbidden the access of buses and overall vehicle, and the cars that are ascending have priority. Also, because the route is narrow, it is recommended to horn in curves. Even thought the speed is very low, you will feel some adrenaline because of the narrow road.

The road is placed in a fourth category of viability, which means that in the winter will not be a priority to remove the snow, but it will be open during the cold season by existing requests.

The beauty of this route is given by the tight bends, by the tunnel formed by trees and mountains. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery offered by Giumalau mountains and by the peaks Adam and Eve found one side to the other of  Transrarau, the Giumalau Chalet, Putnei Basin Forest Reserve (secular spruce forest) and trout (Putna).

In July 2016, on Transrarau took place The National Drift Campionship. Also, the road is great for climbing with your bike or hiking.

Transrarau is a challenging road, weaving adrenaline with breathtaking views.

Photos: Youtube, hailabord.ro

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