Location: Norway

Length: 159 km

Built: designated in 2012

Width: 5 m, 2 lanes

Surface: asphalt

Surface quality (out of 10): 8

Operating times: throughout the year

via E75

Route: from Varangerbotn to Hamningberg


The Varanger National Tourist Route

The National Tourist Route Varanger is 160-kilometre (99 miles) long and runs from the north and furthest to the east in Norway. It goes along Varangerfjord and the coast of the Barents Sea, showing you an incredible scenery on the way, from birch forests to marshlands and a dramatic lunar landscape. It’s a route defined by contrasts and a road that remembers you of the pleasure of driving amazing coastal roads.

The surface of the road is asphalted and starts from Varangerbotn, continuing until Hamningberg. On its way, it follows the coast towards the ice-cold Barents Sea. The scenery is characterised by the Arctic climate, and it also is one of the regions richest in bird life, in Northern Europe.
The Varanger National Tourist route was designated in 2012. It is a melting pot of cultures due to the fisheries and migration. So, not only the landscape is a diversified one, but the cultures and people here too.

The route starts from Varangerbotn and will take you from birch woods through the Arctic plains to the lunar landscape characteristic to Hamningberg. Following this road, you will get to Norway’s farthest northeastern place. Here is where the hard rock meets te Barents Sea. Along the way, you will drive on some steep sections where there are no marked central lines. You will also come across some narrow stretches of road that barely leave enough room for two cars to pass. There are no protections or guards rails in some areas of the route adding some thrill to this adventure.

Varanger Road

The pleasure of driving will quickly come to the surface on Varanger national route. The road runs smoothly, and the landscape changes now and then. The small elevation changes and the turns make it a thrilling experience as well.

What’s special about this road is not only the landscape but also the long lines of history. It helps you find serenity because here it seems the times stands a bit still. The light is special, and the animal life is unusual, perhaps because this stretch of Norway has a unique climate.
A trip along the Atlantic Ocean is a one of a kind experience and will reveal to you the contrasts of the surroundings. Regardless of the season, you will have a special trip and driving the Varanger National Tourist Route will be as enjoyable as it gets. If you take this route during autumn, you will experience a grey light and the landscape will seem even more magical.



Photos: http://www.nordnorge.com, http://www.ekkeroy.net, http://www.panoramio.com, https://www.reddit.com, http://www.samiheiskanen.fi


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